The album consists of modern arrangements of the authentic recordings made in Anatolia.

Combining the widest variety of cultures, Anatolia also features the richest variety of musical roots. But the genres like Gazel, Barak and Stran are almost complete secrets to the rest of the world outside of this land.


“Lost Songs of Anatolia” Concert at Temps D’images Festival


Garajistanbul is hosting a special “Lost Songs of Anatolia” concert in its third year of Temps D’images Festival on Saturday, April 16th at 21:00.

The project "Lost Songs of Anatolia" also features its own type of concerts, which were previously performed during the film festivals of Istanbul, Thessaloniki and Cannes.

The singers of Anatolia perform on the screen during these concerts, while the band joins them live on stage. Guest singers come on stage in between the screen performances of the authentic singers.


To give you a little heads up, a bigger show is under construction!